Sunday, December 13, 2015

Toastmasters VPPR planning - part 2

We previously talked about the importance of the branding manual so now I'd like to talk about some of the other official public relations resources available.

Toastmasters maintains a public relations section at which is worth bookmarking.

For example, they provide the "Letting the World Know" manual which is a great 60 page resource on public relations.

For example, they provide news release templates which can help you get the local media on board with promoting your club. Often it is as simple as a little preparation in asking your local newspaper or radio station if they would like to run a story. If you can help spin some local club event into a story then often the local news desk is looking for help.

(As an aside - if you want a concrete and practical example of this then click here. I'll write a longer story about the experience one of these days...)

For example, there is a full logo, images and templates section which contains (among other things) sample posters that you can simply fill in your club contact information for.

If you are looking for website video content then has some great resources as well which are helpful for both the public and club members.

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