Thursday, March 14, 2013

Successful Club Series - Distinguished Club Program

33 speeches finished. Did an ed session from Successful Club Series - the Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan. I had a lot of fun with this one as I pulled historical data for our club in particular going back seven years and was able to punctuate the stock slides with our real trending information. I created an interactive DCP chart which showed each members contribution to the whole and demonstrated that although I have achieved a lot this year, my contribution to overall club DCP has been minor. That is, we had already long since filled our AC and Leadership requirements in particular so most of my awards are not helping (or hurting).

Next week will complete my AL-B which is my last designation change until DTM a year or two from now.
The week after will complete my third CC of the year.

I then have another month of work until my second AC-S of the year.

Next week I'm going to start my third CL designation as I can get that done in ~4 months.

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