Monday, July 9, 2012

One down and twenty nine to go...

So I completed my first speech from the AC-Facilitating Discussion project 4: The Brainstorming Session lats week. 1 out of 30 speeches completed, yay!

As part of my preparation for this year I started gathering all of my speech data together in one place. I didn't have a clear handle on how many speeches I've actually completed. At present I can identify at least 43 unique speeches given over my 293 weeks as a Toastmaster leading me to conclude that I present a unique speech at least (emphasis on least) once every 7 weeks.

I have a gap from end of 2006 to start of 2009 where I can't find a single speech completed which means the number is likely far higher. I guess at present that I'm missing records of another ~15 speeches.

I can prove out completion in at least 21 advanced speeches which theoretically would complete at least two advanced communicator awards thus far.

Anyways, regardless I'm going to keep pushing and do 30 speeches this year but I find it rather amazing how many presentations I have, in fact, completed.

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