Friday, June 29, 2012

Triple crown

I've been feeling a bit lost about what I want to accomplish with Toastmasters as the years go on. My six year anniversary is coming up and although I feel that I have been hugely successful in my personal development, I feel a bit lost without a goal.

So after much thought over the last week I decided the following:

From July 1, 2012 to June 31, 2013, I will perform 30 Toastmasters speeches

My intent in this is that I want to force myself through my Advanced Communicator Bronze, Silver and Gold designations in one pass. I've already completed a number of components of these designations so I don't really need a full 30 speeches but regardless I think it an ambitious goal.

To put that into perspective, on more than half of the meetings in a year, I need to be presenting a formal speech.

This will effectively lead me to the coveted Toastmasters "Triple Crown" - a triad of designations within a single Toastmasters year.

I am hoping to blog most of these experiences as the year progresses both to keep myself motivated and to keep myself accountable.

So.... GO!


forksarefree said...

That is definitely an ambitious goal! I have no doubt that you are capable of accomplishing your goal, yet I have one question for you; when has June had 31 days? Please correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like June has always been 30 days in length.

Mike Carr said...

I agree with you other than how do you notate the day when there was an extra leap second added without considering it June 31?