Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out of the hospital, for now...

So I spent a nice long morning in the emergency ward of PGRH today. I had tried to see my family doctor first in the hopes that I could get my appointment with him moved up but no dice. Emerg was pretty good today - only one lady in front of me so I was in a bed within five minutes. In the end they did a full workup - multiple blood tests, urine tests, X-rays. They checked my previous sets of blood/stool tests.

The conclusions that they drew:
  • I was grossly dehydrated. Almost immediately they had me on an IV drip of saline and pumped over a litre into me which, to be honest, felt amazingly good. Stating that differently, as it stands my body is not capable of retaining enough fluids to function on its own without medical intervention. I'm to return to PRGH emerg as required.
  • They can prove out my pancreas, my liver, my kidney's, my urinary tract. All are basically functioning normally or at least within normal tolerances. The X-rays confirm that I have no blockages in my body.
  • Beyond that they are stumped. They know that they can't effectively test the stomach itself through PGRH emerg and believe that at least part of my problems are originating from the stomach. 
  • They believe that I have some kind of compound problem although no combination of factors explains all the symptoms that I have.
  • The best guess from the attending is that I have a stomach ulcer combined with "beaver fever" although this doesn't explain the vomiting and they can't figure out any way that I would have been exposed to contaminated water.
  • I have another three days of hospital visits to get full workups of tests done, I have a doctors appointment on Thursday to get a GI referal, and I'm to complete taking my narcotic + a new medicine that will treat ulcers and stomach bleeding.
I suppose I'm relieved that I don't have anything catastophically wrong (i.e. organ failure and hepatitis were both potential explanations going into today) and I'm definitely relieved that emerg agreed both that I have a serious medical problem (albeit undiagnosed presently) and that I was entirely justified in the visit today. I'm not at all excited about the fact that they don't know what the problem ultimately is, that I'm still not effectively recovered, that my reliance on a prescription narcotic basically precludes working until Friday, that I am effectively dead stick until a GI referal and that I have to continue to do invasive tests for at least another three days.


__ Eric Martin said...

I'm really sorry to read about your struggles, buddy. Especially with everything you've got going on in your life right now. I'm sending happy thoughts from the east. Feel better....

Pacho said...

Thanks for the well wishes Eric. Illness aside, life is good. I felt our baby kick for the first time last week which was pretty mindblowing. Granted, I was originally planning for a giant schnauzer puppy before having kids but I'm sure it's all panning out as it's meant to be. I have to say that post-IV I'm feeling about a million times better and today has been the best in about two weeks. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to write, always appreciated.