Friday, June 25, 2010

Long days in the first trimester

So a couple days ago Carol hurt her hip at work. It hurt a lot but beyond sounding like a normal muscle strain, no worries.

She woke me up around midnight yesterday and told me that we needed to go to emerg. 8/10 for pain. Given that Carol can shrug off a bladder infection without it blipping on her pain scale, 8 is way up there. So we head into emerg.

Emerg was relatively quiet - maybe 5-10 people total. They admitted us very quickly which was cool. Speaking as someone who is fairly familiar with emerg visits and the triage process, I thought this odd but oh well.

Anyways, it turns out that they mistakenly believed that Carol had abdominal cramping which was really why we moved through so quickly. They did an emergency ultrasound - grossly early given that they won't do a scheduled one for another two months - and warned us repeatedly that nothing would likely show up. It was a pleasant surprise to see the baby's heartbeat for the first time. The doctor said that our baby has the heart of a lion - it's crazy to have it show up so early and so large.

They checked out Carol's hip and it turned out that it was a muscle strain/sprain, no worries.

They had taken an initial urine sample from Carol which they ran while we were there. When they checked it they showed a spike in white blood cells - far more than is normal for a pregnant woman. They immediately prescribed a round of second course antibiotics with the interim diagnosis that she has some form of "massive internal infection".

This will all turn out to be nothing in the end but I figured I'd blog about it anyways as looking back with the rosy glasses I'm unlikely to remember at least one night of not sleeping because of an emerg visit, and also the first time I saw our baby.

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