Thursday, April 15, 2010

Imma tired muchly...

Wow, it's been an intense last couple weeks. I'm just about through this ironman...

Last week was 10-12 hour days each, then flew to Calgary for the weekend home show and did the full weekend, then back to the office. Yesterday was a 17 hour day if you can believe that.

The Chamber of Commerce AGM is tomorrow... and then I'm free for a weekend of rest.

Looking forward to visiting Spruce Capital Toastmasters and Exodus 4:10 Toastmasters next week which will fulfill my final duties as an area governor... then it's just a matter of waiting for the awards to come in. (No, seriously. I'm winning lots of awards this year)

Exciting times!

Toronto Cathedral 6 by *pachocanadian on deviantART


__ Eric Martin said...

Hey, when were you in Toronto?

Pacho said...

Feb 17-24 ish something like that. My 96 year old grandmother passed away so I went out for the viewing but had to cut back my visit after a week to get back to my job. Ended up missing the funeral but I did write the eulogy so it worked out, I suppose.

FYI, don't know if you heard but Joe Bowser had a little girl over the weekend by the name of Ada. Don't recall if you knew infil00p well or not, he's on twitter if you're into pictures of babies, etc.

Also just found out that we're mutual friends with Amanda O'Leary... I can't believe how many people know you sometimes.

OK, I'll quit gushing. I'm a passionate lurker - love hearing about you, Vincent and Cain. :)

__ Eric Martin said...

Ah, sorry to hear about your Grandma...

And yes, lurk away. Facebook is amazing for that.

Good to stay in touch!