Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's in a name...

So I was talking with Carol last night about my name and what it means to me.

I'm a Michael from birth but generally in day-to-day I'm a Mike. Michael means "who is like God" if you follow the Wikipedia definition of Michael. To my knowledge this comes about in reference to the biblical Saint Michael (or Michael Archangelis, depending on what variant you follow). St Michael briefly was one of two head angels in traditional theology. He's noted for the betrayal of the angel Gabriel who of course eventually became Lucifer. Depending on the particular variant you read, he betrayed Gabriel to God and threw him from Heaven.

There's an old Isaac Asimov quote that I've always felt is somewhat relevant: "Never let your sense of morality prevent you from doing what is right"

It's always been my take, metaphors aside, that Michael would have felt a betrayer and justly so. There are many occasions in life where betrayal is the right thing to do, although it is rarely the moral thing to do.

I've always felt it personally relevant as my obsessive compulsive behavior has often forced me into taking actions on things I would have rather not. For example, I was walking through Superstore the other day and ran into a little girl walking through the store by herself. I knew, on some level, that the situation wasn't one that required my action... but once I was aware that the situation existed there was nothing I could do but get involved. And yes, it was all good, and yes we found her parents and got them reunited but the point is that I couldn't have not got involved.

One hundred miles into the bush, and no one within an hour of me, I will still use my signal lights in my car.

I'm not sure that it all relates to being named Michael but I've always felt it was a good fit. So there. :)

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