Monday, June 22, 2009

All work and no play...

Garble farkle nargen.

I've been trying to avoid posting things to my blog when I don't have corresponding pictures but unfortunately am finding very little time to go shoot anything. :(

Work is fairly insane. Home Depot has a tendency to concentrate our work into a very small slot of time. That is, when customers know that Home Depot offers a 10% sale on a regular basis, people tend to want to purchase their $80,000 cabin during this sale. This means that customer inevitably plan to build 6-8 weeks from purchase date. Because on our end of things we don't see the order until we have the contract and the money, there is no chance to prepare for the onslaught. Our custom packages are spread out over the year - some small blips of activity but overall 1-2 per week sort of thing. With Home Depot I had something like 30 drop in a one week period. This makes for a lot of stress in my world and long days.

Fortunately there are lots of good things going on. Carol's dog Erik is moved in and happy. (I LOVE THE PUPPY!) We've been having lots of fun doing bonding puppy things like throwing balls around and going to random walks. Jonny took Erik out for a walk yesterday and was remarking at how mellow he is. College Heights is a busy place - everyone has a dog and there are lots of kids, adults and elderly walking around in general. Erik has so far been fantastic. Also, for some reason he thinks he's a cat so will try to sit in laps when a person does the computering.

Carol has been pretty super too. It's hard to gauge how someone is going to be (read: whether they are a crazy person) until you are with them day in and day out. So far we'll give her a tentative pass! Bonus points for girlfriends who make lunches for their boyfriends, I always say.

We had a good weekend with Mike and Christine. I think I got a bit wrecked - I'm not entirely clear on the sequences of events beyond trying to reach PS3 controllers from a sitting position that were not underfoot as expected. It was good - we were up early the next morning and back out in the garden doing work. We need to do more BBQ's - eating burgers is awesome. Ditto having people up. Oh, and the consensus from everyone in the house is that the term milf is accurate, so there :p

Well, pretend that there is a picture attached to this post, and I plan on writing after I return from the Area Governor's training this Saturday. Looking forward to seeing Kev and company! :)

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