Monday, February 23, 2009

You always neglect the ones you love...

Aside: Oh, I'm sorry blog. I always end up finding a new love and leaving you. Too many years, too many abandoned blogs out there. But I do love you so I will try.

There's been lots of drama in my world.

T-2weekends I was down with a flu that completely annihilated me. 96 hours of hell. It took out between 1/4 and 1/3 of our workforce at work over a two week span. Just about everyone got it, flu shot or no.

T-1weekend ago I had the loverly Carol over for the weekend which was super. That chickie is seriously doing it for me.

A week ago today (Monday), I started getting seriously ill. Couldn't hold food down, running for the toilet every hour. Persisted Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Finally on Friday I decided to hit the doctors because I hadn't kept a meal down all week. Diagnosis? Exposure to an environmental toxin. 48 hours of fluids only, bed rest and some massive probiotic pills (not at all the same thing as the yogurt).

Today is rather spectacular because it's the first day I've been allowed solid food since. And what did I have? (and it was glorious btw)

Corned beef
Crusty white roll
Old cheddar

It was so so so good. I'm just loving it, although my stomach is making noises which seems to indicate that it isn't as impressed. Go to hell stomach, it was awesome. :)

I love time lapse B&W so check this out:


Unknown said...

Not to be pedantic, but that's not time-lapse. Time-lapse is a cinematography technique in which the frames are captured more slowly than played back, giving the impression of something happening faster than it really did.

What you have here is an interesting example of motion blur. I especially like the contrast between the two subjects (one moving a lot, one remaining relatively still.)

Pacho said...

It's entirely pedantic but that's fine because I like accurate and you are correct.

What I normally term that style of picture is long exposure because it is literally accurate (i.e. I artificially force the exposure of the shot to something ridiculously long like 4-5 seconds).

Not sure entirely why it is that I called it the wrong thing but I'll blame my stomach thinking of food at the time.

Ernie is remarkably still when I use long exposure shots. I've noted it many times in many shots. Everyone else = lots of motion.

B&W makes all the difference in highlighting the contrast.