Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last dance with Mary Jane...

So I'm all ready to go today!

The car is back. Was a fuel pump which was fairly pricey - $650 when all was said and done. New (domestic) cars are a pain in the ass with the fuel pump. In North America, we like to put our fuel pumps in the gas tank. This means that swapping the pump is a major process. Stupid fuel pump.

Anyways, I'm all pumped (ha ha) and ready to go. Looking forward to being down in Vernon in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. I love driving!

I feel like I'm getting emo these days but I miss driving down with someone in the car to talk to. Nothing like eight hours with someone to work through one's head.

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Unknown said...

Actually, most manufacturers put their electric fuel pumps in the tank. It's the safest place to put it, as it's furthest from the engine, immersed in cool liquid, and any electrical problems are unlikely to start a fire, as the vapours in the tank are too fuel-rich for combustion.