Friday, January 18, 2013

Why complete a Competent Leadership designation?

24 speeches finished. I completed a Competent Communicator #3 Get to the Point speech last night explaining why I think the CL designation is so important to Toastmasters at all levels. I also outlined a roadmap resource that explained how and why I think a person should approach completion of a CL.

In a way it was a bit of a cheat because I plan on delivering a CC #8 Visual Aids presentation on Monday night on almost the exact same topic - delivering it at Prince George Toastmasters let me refine my thoughts a bit before I get in front of the advanced club.

Also its helping me move through my remaining four designations for the year quickly. I'm just a few projects away from my second CL, my first AL-B will follow very quickly afterwards (two ed sessions to complete that) and my fourth CC is something like 4-5 speeches away. AC-B will probably be my last of my nine designations at which point I'll switch tracks again over to HPL.

In the photo above Phil Kobewka ACS/ALB was explaining where coffee originates. It was the sort of speech that made you "perk up" ;)

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