Sunday, August 5, 2012

The man they love to hate

6 of 30 speeches finished - I did a Special Occasion Speeches #2: Speak in Praise about Pierre Trudeau.

I did some math after the speech and configured out that I only have two speeches left until I'm finished Advanced Communicator Silver. Basically a Roast and an After-Dinner Speech.

After that I have eight projects - three from interpretative reading and five from an as-yet unpicked book - and I'm through Advanced Communicator Gold. At which point my head will explode and I still have 13-14 speeches left to finish my 30 this year. Bugger.

I have to take next week off as Carol is getting her surgery (finally) but when I'm back in two weeks I'll have to figure out what project to do next. Probably After-Dinner Speech as it's fairly open ended on topic.

I have no idea what I'm going to roast. Perhaps I'll get all retro and start talking about some Bush-isms.

Full speed ahead!

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