Thursday, July 26, 2012

Awards night

Wow, what a night. 4 of 30 speeches finished and 5 of 30 speeches finished.

I did Special Occasion Speeches #4: Presenting an Award to John Baragar for 25 years of service for Toastmasters.

I then completed Special Occasion Speeches #5: Accepting an Award for winning Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year 2011/2012. I have omitted myself from consideration in 2012/2013.

That brings my overall standing in the club for "verbosity" stat to #3 with me speaking at 29% of all meetings I attend.

On another positive I managed to bike 11 km doing average speed 18.9 km/hour. I would dearly like to hit average speed 20 km/hour on a 10 km bike ride this year, assuming my existing conditions that there must be net zero elevation change (i.e. it's trivial to exceed average speed 20 km/hour if you're going straight down) and ideally I'd like to do it without circling a track. I suspect I could break 20 km/hour in a circle but it's much harder to do it with the challenge of dealing with traffic and the hilly College Heights region.

I'd comment for the record that biking 10 km was my goal for this season so anything beyond this point is now gravy.

The 20 km/hour target came from my bff Jon who recently took 1st in 16-29 PG triathlon who mentioned that 20 km/hour sustained is what triathletes aim for in training. Jon's winning of the triathlon is particularly impressive given that two years ago he was a pot bellied smoker who didn't exercise at all. I'm both impressed, motivated and intimidated by his success! I can't see myself ever doing a triathlon given my diminished lung capacity but at least the bike training is reasonable and will help build up my muscle mass.

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