Thursday, May 26, 2011


One of these days I need to outline my list of ridiculous political beliefs. I generally identify myself as a libertarian but I'm kind of a mutant offshoot. For example:
  • I'm socially left and fiscally right
  • I don't believe in any political party pandering to unions as a whole
  • All marriages are equal whether same gender or opposite - polygamy is still out :p
  • Sex with anyone under 13 illegal no matter what age you are - sex with someone 13 and up legal as long as both within three years and neither in a position of authority
  • You can be a church or a corporation but not both. You can own the land your church and facilities is on, but nothing else.
  • Legalize government brothels - mandatory screening period on prostitutes including education/assessment (similar on johns), mandatory STD testing on both, you have to have tubes tied to be prostitute or similarly rendered infertile if male. Anyone prostituting outside of this gets 1000 year sentence.
  • Legalize government drugs - mandatory screen period on users including education/assessment. Anyone buying/selling outside of this gets 1000 year sentence.
  • Criminal code - first criminal offense nets you government training/education, second criminal offense gets you shipped to NWT to work in camp for 5-10 years, third gets you 1000 year sentence.
  • People aspiring to political office give up all assets when elected, get returned assets plus/minus bonus based on measured performance in office. That is, if economy tanks, you pay like the rest of us - if you succeed in improving country's lot then your bonus matches this.
  • Dissolve any organizations ability to presume guilt - i.e. human rights tribunal, WCB, CRA
  • Firearms should be freely available to anyone who passes the appropriate tests. I'm strongly opposed to gun registries.
Those are my quick thoughts but you get the idea. I don't mesh up to any Canadian party by a long shot ;)

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