Monday, February 21, 2011

It's contest season

So it's time for the bi-annual Toastmasters contest season, and for once I'm not in a position (i.e. area governor) where I am excluded from competing.

This Spring will mark the International Speaking Competition as well as the Evaluation Competition.

Traditionally I don't do well at International Speaking but given that I can ham up a baby speech, I think I'll be in good stead. I'm thinking of doing a speech on "firsts" as there are many humorous firsts during the pregnancy/childbirth/infant stages.

Evaluation, on the other hand, I tend to do ridiculously well at. Last time out (2 years back) I took second place for Northern BC.

This year will be somewhat frustrating in that I can't move on in the competitions as I'm geographically challenged.

Club level: Prince George, BC
Area level: Valemount, BC (300 km East)
Division level: Dawson Creek, BC (400 km North)
District level: Osoyoos, BC (800+ km South)

So even if I win at club level there's no chance I can compete at area, similarly division, etc.

Either way, I'm going to come out and compete... I am looking forward to the season regardless :)

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