Thursday, November 25, 2010

Domestic bliss

Not to jinx it or anything, but my home life rocks. It feels like life is functioning as it should. For example:

My son insists on waking me up. I have a penchant for high speed fans and air blowing on my face. This leads to my very pregnant wife Carol spooning behind me - more to hide from the air flow than anything... My boy kicks so hard that it feels like I'm getting a finger poked into my side.

Puppy is rapidly learning new tricks with "toy". I had found that he was on autopilot with tricks... too much cycling between common instructions and not enough listening. After a week of concerted effort, a much calmer puppy has resulted.

Kenny is doing well - work has upped his shifts, work around the house is getting completed, and the testosterone flows freely.

Toastmasters is great fun - after tonight I have two speeches to complete AC-B which will be awesome. Recently was awarded Outstanding Area Governor award for District 21 (i.e. BC). Big accomplishment and a boost to my confidence indeed.

In short, the universe is unfolding as it should. :)


__ Eric Martin said...

Good to hear. I'm feeling the same way over here in Ontario.

Glad the stars are aligning for us all...

Pacho said...

That's great to hear, Eric. I'm glad you three at doing well in ON.

It feels a bit crass, almost, to post about being happy but I suppose if a person doesn't then the negativity does get a bit overwhelming past a point. Better to publicly thank the universe periodically, perhaps :)