Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whatever doesn't kill you...

Life is good. I mean, really good. Thank you to everyone who offered their kind thoughts especially my fellow PG boy mathematician. I'm definitely not entirely fixed in the stomach/intestines but at least life is manageable with a couple small restrictions on my diet.

The biggest is the complete restriction of milk and milk products including whey powder. Effectively I have eliminated my ability to eat fast food at all. Almost everything that I ever ate out was covered in cheese, frozen ice cream, fried with a milk batter, etc. Where ten years ago I ate all three meals out, I effectively cannot any more. Even at Subway I'm down to having cold cuts, no cheese, no cheesy bread, no creamy toppings, no deserts of any kind.

So what do you think this will do effectively? Well, so far I can fit two hands into my pant waist, and that's just my starting point.

I walked down the frozen lunch aisle at Superstore with my lovely wife on the weekend and discovered that there are three different frozen lunches that I can still eat. All are weight watchers. Today's "Orange Chicken" had a whopping 200 calories in it. Considering that I used to consume 1000+ in a sitting, this is definitely an improvement.

I just finished another half hour walk today at work. Until I can start my swim membership again in October, I figure I may as well get my walking in. I've got inquiries in at the UNBC indoor track as well so I can keep my walking up once the snow starts to fly. Both are unexpected expenses but the positive is that PG subscribes to the "Communities in Action" program (swim program is called "Aquatic Community Swim Pass") which effectively scales a discount based on your participation in programs like this. As long as you're going twice a week or more you get an immediate 20% discount. Very cool.

In short, I can't do much about the health of my child for now but I'm definitely doing my bit to get my own life in order. I figure even if this is a "phase" then I may as well run with it while I can. I haven't really enjoyed the process of slowly getting fatter and less healthy as the years drag on - turning 30 and having a baby coming has been a good wake up call for me, hospital visits not withstanding.

Anyways, thank you Universe and fellow blaggers for your support. I will try to make the best of this positive burst of energy. :)

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