Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why I'm into training dogs...

So I'm into dog training, eh? Lots of people seem to find that surprising for some reason. I think it's a logical progression of thought.

For example, I'm a Myers-Briggs INTJ which basically means that I like to sit on the sidelines and fit things together in my head. In general when I'm faced with a problem, I like to see how things fit together. I like to know that if I pass on gossip to coworker A, that they will use their relationship with coworker B to relay same which will get attention of manager C. When I watch movies like A Beautiful Mind I relate entirely to the visual effects that occur when John Nash starts looking at objects. I remember as a kid watching street signs condense into numbers (first as a summation of numeric position within the alphabet, then recursing to sum the individual digits, then recursing until the sum is between 0-9) as I used to do this obsessively for hours. Street signs, license plates, menus, etc.

Anyways, I find relationship interactions equally fascinating. Why can Adam give Bob advice and he follows it whereas Charlie gives Bob the same advice and he resists?

So for me, dog training was a natural evolution. Dogs are entirely understandable, relatable and logical creatures. Their motivations are clearly understood, they will behave consistently given certain parameters... They will constantly test boundaries and need those boundaries reasserted to feel fulfilled. They need to have some standard of good behavior to perform against to feel fulfilled. Training a dog is an entirely natural thing for them.

In a way, I look at dogs as being the pre-kid step. Yes, I'm an uncle and have had some small part of raising kids but not the 24/7 day-to-day that I'm going to get with a dog. Yes, I've been around other trained dogs (i.e. Erik in particular) and have reinforced said training but I've not trained from puppy onwards in many years (coming on 20 since my first end-to-end training). It is time for a dog!

Tired puppy by *pachocanadian on deviantART

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