Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tiny dancer...

So on a totally random note, my niece Zoë just won her solo dance recital doing "Tiny Dancer". She had picked the song because I had originally picked the song. To be more precise, when my niece was born at 2:13 AM during her home birth, I had got in my car and drove for hours and hours. I eventually arrived at my office and mixed a CD where the title track was "Tiny Dancer". I then in an unrelated note shaved my head bald for the first time in my life (note: don't try this from a full head of hair like I did). Anyways, in the end the song became associated with my niece so when she was gearing up for her first solo season, that was the song that she picked.

On Saturday March 6th we had taken both dogs (Erik and Bella) out to West Lake and I took the following picture of niece Zoë:

Puppy love by *pachocanadian on deviantART

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