Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting back onto that high horse...

Alright, we're getting back into that time of year where I start taking this blog thing seriously again. Hey, how are you, anyways? Long time no speaky speaky.

There has been much insanity in my personal and professional lives lately. On the personal end, going outwards in terms of time: I have an alexisonfire concert tonight; I'm trying to get myself a Giant Schnauzer for summer and I'm coming up on the evil 3-0.

On a professional end: I'm gearing up for club and area contests (see for details); I'm celebrating the fact that I have one of the strongest areas in the province; I'm looking forward to becoming a "keener" rather than an "officer" next Toastmasters year (i.e. July).

On the photographic end: Carol and I finished up the 2010 calendar; I sourced a new 8 GB card instead of the new camera I wanted; I took many hundreds of pictures out in Toronto which I'm looking forward to featuring!

A year exploring beautiful BC by *pachocanadian on deviantART

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