Thursday, March 5, 2009

Counting down the hours...

So it seems like these last couple months I'm always counting down the hours. I suppose that in and of itself isn't unusual... all too often in life we're looking forward to what's coming rather than what we have this moment. I think they call that hope.

In this case I'm counting the hours until Carol comes up to visit. I seriously dig that chick. This will be visit #2 IRL. To be perfectly honest, I'm not a fan of the LDR or the internet-based LDR in particular. I have had prior experience as at least one of my readers will attest to. However, I believed at the time (and still believe now) that a person needs to pursue their dreams however illogical and misguided. If we don't act on our dreams then what are we doing here? Contrary to public opinion, you are not a robot, nor an island... nor a pony.

Anyways, if this makes any sense, I hate the process of being involved with someone who lives so far away even as I love the person. And I do think that the second half of that more than offsets the first half. In spite of it not working out before, I would still gladly repeat my previous "mistakes" if for no other than being enriched by meeting someone who I never would have otherwise and being exposed to a lifestyle that has taught me so much about myself. I think commentary beyond that point reveals more than I want to share, but feel free to ask me privately if you want me to expand.

In the vein of composite panoramic I have a new one. Basically a shot of our yard at work. I think it's bootyful! :)


Unknown said...

I know. Lag sucks. Especially since we live in an instant-gratification society these days, and so we're not used to it. I mean, anything over 200ms is considered unacceptable.

Pacho said...

i don't know how people do LDR's long term. the whole concept of waiting two weeks + to visit with someone for < 48 hours sucks balls.

Unknown said...

For a second there, I thought you were talking about "Low Dynamic Range". Shows you what I've been doing all afternoon.

The highest bandwidth connection available is between two people in the same room together. 97% of communication is non-verbal, and so cannot be conveyed over the phone or internet. Of what's left, 97% is inaudible, and cannot be conveyed through text-based communication.

Not to mention the importance of physical contact.

Pacho said...

So reading between the lines you're saying that nooky is important :p