Monday, October 20, 2008

Pessimism wins out...

Oh for crying out loud...

I woke up today feeling optimistic and the day made me its bitch.

Before I even got out of the driveway the car dies. I'm currently waiting to find out if I'll be able to drive it to Vernon on Wednesday. If not then I guess a rental.

Got my suit from Moore's. Holy christ I have some expensive taste. When all was said and done I dropped about $1000. I got some incredible (!!!) shirts and ties to go with the suit. Truly awesome!

I got my birth certificate ordered today so the passport will be soon to follow!

I ended up walking at least a couple miles today... which wouldn't be a big deal, but I wear steel toed steel plated work boots when I'm on shift and I have to say that they are effing heavy when you walk for a long time.

And I heard back on the mortgage. Find a co-signer or find $30,000 cash.

I'm going into work tomorrow at the crack of dawn. Thank god I have keys. Stupid car!

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