Thursday, October 16, 2008

In my next life, I want to be a table...

Another night at Toastmasters, and another turn in the chair position. Surprising how much I enjoy being chair considering how intimidated I used to be by it.

I was speaking with Randy after the meeting about the stages of comfort within Toastmasters. You start out scared of table topics, then of that icebreaker, then of the various roles in the meeting, the completion of your CC, your attack at the CL, your first time mentoring, chairing, executive positions, area governorship and onwards... I'm not sure where the path leads but so far it feels like a giant leap with every small progression.

I'm still really struggling with my upcoming inspirational speech. I've done a pair of inspirational speeches when I completed my CC but have really been out of the mindset to inspire. Coming home to an empty house (except for the cat) and doing the same thing day-to-day doesn't sound that exciting...

Tomorrow is another day. As Shakespeare said so eloquently "to thine own self be true"

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