Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And the last horse crosses the finish line...

So according to my clock, the polls have just closed for the Canadian Federal Election. I forecast 1 1/2 more years of the same. Conservative minority with the remainder split between the BQ and the Liberals.

Seems a bit pointless in the grand scheme of things - I don't understand why the election was called now but we'll see how things shape up when the ballots are counted tonight.

This election it really hit home to me how much it bugs me when people don't vote. I don't really care about people who deliberately invalidate their ballot or similar to show their political angst, more people who don't vote through apathy. It seems like ignorance on a grand scale when you consider all of the people worldwide who would kill (or die) for the illusion of democracy. Alternately the direct relatives that we have as Canadians who have died over the last hundred years to defend the same.

Shame on you all!

On a positive note, I was inspired by my Mexican dream and have purchased some Mexican Kicking Horse coffee. I don't know if the coffee is any good, but it sure as hell smells good. I'll let you know how that experiment turns out!

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