Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And the bank says no no no...

So I finally heard back from Firstline Mortgages today and they confirmed that they will not allow me to take over the mortgage on Delhi. It didn't sound like they really wanted to come to the table at all - not even for a long amortization period or with extra money down. They were interested if I could find a co-guarantor but who wants to play that game?

For reference, it took from September 26th until October 15th to get that answer from them.

So I called TD Canada Trust, which has been my bank since I was 5, and had an appointment within two hours. Met with Jeff, he took my information and showed me my income to debt ratios and confirmed everything was OK basically. I'm supposed to hear back from CMHC on Friday as to whether they want to have me take over the mortgage or not. Hoping to god that they do.

Also, the time is ticking down until my Uncle Rob's wedding on October 25th. This will be the first wedding that I've MC'd for so I'm looking forward to the experience. Hopefully the years in Toastmasters are going to pay dividends.

This has been rattling around in my head all day: Allison Weiss / July 25th, 2007
Circled 'round the campus
In a t-shirt and pajamas
As I stared out the window
My heart began to break

Because it's all good
'coz I'm no good
and believe me
You don't need me

It's a big world
and I'm old news to you...

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